"Mars, The Bringer of War", by Gustav Holst

Video composition by Roberto Warren

(Rendered in Adobe Premiere and Flash...sound UP!)

Note: I'd been listening to this piece since I was a little kid. Every time I listened to it, I had this vision...all out war. Holst wrote it right around or after the First World War...no wonder. This is one piece of music that REALLY captures the vision. It's almost like he sat and watched the whole thing and composed music to it.

It also brings H.G. Wells to mind. Mr. Wells wrote "War Of The Worlds" right around the same time. (Think about the scene in the original movie when the Martians decide to exit the grove, and the military can't stop them)

You name it, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Desert Shield...it's there.

This piece? I'm not making any political statements. I will say though, the memory of 9/11 still makes me mad as Hell..

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